Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wrapping Up

The last two weeks has been very demanding. I have juggled creating a webquest lesson (that I really enjoyed) and finishing up the final portfolio. The class has now come to an end as does all good things. I have enjoyed learning of the different technologies that can be utilized in education as well as the workforce. I have enjoyed that challenges of being creative as well as welcoming the challenges. I will truly miss the weekly assignments of this course. This course has provided my with useful information and technologies that will be very beneficial in my profeesional career.

I have now chosen to continue taking Instructional Technology courses to complete a degree in it. I can say that, that decision is due to partaking in this course. Although the challenges were many there were not met with defeat. I have worked dillegently to understand the material and conjure ways to implement them into my office at work. I will continue to keep up to date on technologies that will and can enhance education. This course has been enjoyable, well organized and well taught. I would highly recommend it to other students. For now I am signing off!

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