Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wrapping Up

The last two weeks has been very demanding. I have juggled creating a webquest lesson (that I really enjoyed) and finishing up the final portfolio. The class has now come to an end as does all good things. I have enjoyed learning of the different technologies that can be utilized in education as well as the workforce. I have enjoyed that challenges of being creative as well as welcoming the challenges. I will truly miss the weekly assignments of this course. This course has provided my with useful information and technologies that will be very beneficial in my profeesional career.

I have now chosen to continue taking Instructional Technology courses to complete a degree in it. I can say that, that decision is due to partaking in this course. Although the challenges were many there were not met with defeat. I have worked dillegently to understand the material and conjure ways to implement them into my office at work. I will continue to keep up to date on technologies that will and can enhance education. This course has been enjoyable, well organized and well taught. I would highly recommend it to other students. For now I am signing off!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Week 3 Reflection

Looking back, the assignments for week three has kept me very busy as well as intrigued. I have learned so much in such a small amount of time from this course. Creating the newsletter for this weeks assignment was a lot of fun, very creative and allowed students to research topics of interest to them.

One of the requirements for this week was to create a podcast. Initially this seemed easy, but I quickly learned that is was more time consuming than I thought it would be. It is amazing how easily one will pronounce a word incorrectly, mind will go blank or stutter. I don't know if it's from having it be recorded or its my own stage fright. i found myself recording my message over and over and over again. Once I was done, i found it to be quit hilarious.

The newsletter and podcast could be very beneficial for a classroom. Teachers/professors could create newsletters to share information with their students. This information could just be for their information, class material, rules & consequences or just a way of communication in general. They would also be useful to allow students to create them based on what subject they are focusing on. It would allow the students a chance to share their knowledge/ideas with the class. The podcast could be useful in maybe recording lectures and posting them on websites for students who were unable to attend class that day. It could also be helpful to give homework assignments, news flashes, urgent messages, summary of class lectures, etc.

Technology has made so many advances in today's society that it is almost impossible to ignore it or refuse to utilize it. It has made so many day to day activities easier. The more you learn about it, the more useful it can become; so happy learning!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Week 2 Reflection

We have embarked upon our second week of the course. It seems like the weeks are going by so very quickly. I have caught on to the assignments and they are not as time consuming and difficult for me anymore. I have been doing a lot of reading in the area of technology in education as well. That being said I would like to include a link to article: http://www.newhorizons.org/strategies/technology/foltos.htm

This website discusses the advantages and disadvantages of implementing technology into schools. The author stresses the importance of teachers having the professional development necessary to be able to efficiently teach using technology where the students can benefit from it. I think this reading is very relevant because of the type of course we are taking as graduate students. Whether you are finishing your master's degree in Instructional Technology of if you are currently teaching students. It is vital that we are fully prepared to use technology in the classrooms, workplace, etc effectively. I mean would you want a pilot flying your plane that has never attended flight school? No way! So why are we subjecting our students to the same ?

Week 1 Refletion

The first week of this course has been very informational. I have learned a great deal about websites that I would have never visited or subscribed to. Creating the website during the first week posed a bit of a challenge at first, but re-reading the instructions and following them closely allowed me to complete the assignment. I did like being able to use my creativity in the class during building the page and also the limited restrictions put in us to do so by the professor. This allowed for students to be able to display their true selves with minimal limitations. The readings that were assigned for that week was also informative. The fact that students can communicate with their teachers online seems very beneficial. It also seems helpful (Oatman article) for teachers to integrate technology into the classroom. Some teachers in Colorado have used Wiki pages as a way to teach students writing. I think that it was a good idea because students are able to complete their assignments on their pages and other students are able to critique them, sort of a peer review. I think this is very beneficial and helpful to students. I hope this becomes more prevalent in today's schools. Well until next week....