Thursday, June 19, 2008

Week 1 Refletion

The first week of this course has been very informational. I have learned a great deal about websites that I would have never visited or subscribed to. Creating the website during the first week posed a bit of a challenge at first, but re-reading the instructions and following them closely allowed me to complete the assignment. I did like being able to use my creativity in the class during building the page and also the limited restrictions put in us to do so by the professor. This allowed for students to be able to display their true selves with minimal limitations. The readings that were assigned for that week was also informative. The fact that students can communicate with their teachers online seems very beneficial. It also seems helpful (Oatman article) for teachers to integrate technology into the classroom. Some teachers in Colorado have used Wiki pages as a way to teach students writing. I think that it was a good idea because students are able to complete their assignments on their pages and other students are able to critique them, sort of a peer review. I think this is very beneficial and helpful to students. I hope this becomes more prevalent in today's schools. Well until next week....

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